Spend time to focus on each other with one of our packages designed specially for couples


Packages By The Bay

Reset your mind, engage your senses and unleash your soul. It is a place to rest, play, swim, eat, relax and reconnect.

Bring peace and harmony to your relationship with the our packages that allow you to focus on love.

Connect, unwind and nurture

Couples Relax & Indulge Package

Take time out for you both to enjoy your own space with one another, to fully relax, nurture yourselves with an included treatment and take in the beautiful ocean views on your private deck with a bottle of wine and come back to a place where you can connect.

This truly is a place that creates the space you both deserve to become one again.

From: $1,500

Relationship Alignment Session

Couples Relax & Indulge Package

This session supports a “returning to peace” which sometimes requires a journey through truth and a necessary breaking down to come back to a place of mutual understanding and compassion.

Whether you wish to move forward or respectfully untie the knot, allow me to hold the space, and guide the session where necessary. Conflict and communication are critical aspects of any relationship and form the foundation for a healthy, happy and loving relationship whether that be a relationship with a family member, a friendship or romantic dynamic.

Cost: $1500

Relax and unwind

A Beachfront Home Assembled By Love

Allow yourself to choose time for YOU and the opportunity to experience space and calmness